How to play Yu-Gi-Oh online

Let’s admit it. Our best childhood memories comes from the games we used to play. And which game better than Yu-gi-Oh can we name? Tough question, I know 😀 – How to play Yu-Gi-Oh online

Sometimes I think “Wouldnt be beatiful returning in the childhood just to play that Blue Eyes Dragon once again?” It would be, of course it would. And we are here to show you how to do it! Chill out, we didnt build a time machine. However with the Yu-gi-oh online simulator we will present it will be possible to play our decks once again, completely free!!! YES. You listened well. If you have lost your childhood decks, you can still recreate them from this site and play against playes from all over the world.

How to play Yu-Gi-Oh online

So that’s how to play Yu-Gi-Oh online

First thing click the button below to go to the game site.

At this time you’ll see a window to log in as the one below. If this is the first you have to register. Press “Create an Account” and do the registration(by Google is the easiest way). Done that return to the page and log yourself in, dont forget to tick “remain connected” so you dont have to write the password everytime.

How to play Yu-Gi-Oh online

Now it’s time to create your deck, or rebuild your deck from your childhood. To do that go to “Deck Editor“.

duel zone
duel zone

You can create your deck manually, so by searching every card by yourself. Pretty boring, ya. Or by searching the deck on the web, then modifying it as you prefere. .ydk files you’ll need to do that are findable on a lot of sites. We suggest you this one:

To download your deck is easy. Just search it on the search bar, press the decklist you desire, then go into the description. Here press Download. PAY ATTENTION APPLE USERS: Safari doesnt download them correctly, so use Chrome!


At this point you just need to import the file in the site seen before and give it a name to not confuse your deck with others, cause the site saves them as numbers.

Creating a lobby and other stuffs

Now let’s talk about creating a lobby to play with your friends. It seems easy, but the host option is hidden. Return to the Homepage and press Duel Zone. Here you’ll find a lot of options to play with people online. If you want to create a lobby go to Show the custom rooms, then host a custome game. Here choose game options and start the game. We advice you to make the lobby private, cause people online can enter there.

How to play Yu-Gi-Oh online

You should see that. To choose the deck you want to use, press below on deck, you will see your choices. To invite a friend just send them the browser link, via Whatsapp, Facebook whatever you want. When you are all in, just press ready and you can start playing Yu-Gi-Oh online.


If there are any problems on How to play Yu-Gi-Oh just write on the section below, our staff will answer at any time possible. We thank for reading and invite you to see other articles. See ya.

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